How to Take Dynamic Sports Portraits

Engaging in any new activity can be problematic for the people who have yet to try the said activity and have little to experience doing it. When you lack information, you can’t really expect to get everything right on the first try. Whether it is using a search engine or sports betting, everything takes a bit of experience to be done properly. Take the latter, for example, not all the people interested in sports betting know how to use smarkets promo code properly, even though promotional codes have been around for a long time.

Another interesting activity that can have many nuances is photography. There are different types of photography, but today, we will be looking at sports photography, dynamic and fast captures.

Here is how you should approach dynamic photography.

A Decent Camera

Sports photography cannot really be done with a cheap camera. Technically, it could, but everything would need to be on your side, from the lighting, to the angle, to the moment that you choose to press the shutter button.

A good camera body can cost anywhere from 500 to 2000 dollars. That means a body without any lens. A digital camera is preferable because you would immediately see feedback from your own shots, and would know whether to immediately adjust settings or continue shooting. The faster the image processor and shutter speed, the more likely you are to get a decent photo, if the setup is right.

Autofocus Telephoto Lenses

This is another part of the sports photography equation. Unless you are doing your own personal photoshoot, you will likely be put in the photographers’ booth, where you can look for opportunities with all the other photographers. If you have watched any sports event, broadcast or in person, you probably noticed that all the photographers have really long lenses, also known as telephoto lenses.

These lenses are used to bridge the distance gap between the photographer and the athletes. They are often specialized lenses because they can sync with the camera faster and provide almost instant autofocus, which is necessary for dynamic photography.

The Right Settings

Photography is almost always about you finding the right settings for the occasion. This means that you should set the ISO and shutter speed accordingly, as well as the aperture. In case of dynamic photography, focus plays a huge role, though a fast autofocus lens should solve this. It is next to impossible to focus manually on a person sprinting.

With DSLR cameras, photo feedback is instant and one would be able to lower or raise the ISO, or shutter speed, depending on where the photo might be lacking.


Finally, a decent photographer, any photographer, needs to practice if they want to become better. Whether attending local events, or even going to local basketball courts or football pitches, you can find athletes to practice your photography on. 

Make sure that you have permission to take photographs and try not to be intrusive. After all, you are there to practice while someone else is performing.

Like most things in life, dynamic sports photography requires the right gear, knowledge and lots of practice.