Tips on Learning About Art Online – Get Better with Art

When one wants to learn, one finds a way. Now, if you put things into perspective, this generalization isn’t really a good one, because it is often more difficult than simply learning something. Nuclear physics takes a while and if you are working in a practical field, things can go wrong quickly. The same goes for construction work. One can lose their life if they do something wrong.

On the other hand, if one wants to play a game of lottery, they do not have to do that much and learn as many things. Whether one of the US lotteries or the Rwanda Lottery, the rules are simple.

What about something a bit more complicated, like art? It cannot be learned in the traditional sense, even though you could learn about art history. Could you learn art online? Yes, and here are some tips on how to approach learning art online. 

Courses – Choose the Right One

There are courses available for almost any topic you want. The internet is devoted to many things and learning is luckily one of them. Art is a large term and depending on what you want to learn, some sites will have better content than others, as far as courses go.

Drawing and digital art is a common thing to learn so you are likely to find a lot of tutorials on the topics. Sculpting is fairly popular, but sculpting takes practice and while there are tutorials, it is not as prominent as digital art.

Music can be learned anywhere, but not all knowledge has the same worth. Choose from reputable sites like Coursera and Khan Academy, or Udemy. Filtering the information is a large part of learning online.


Tutorials – Straight to the Point

Nothing beats learning something specific. A specific drawing technique to start you off is a great way to start learning. Focusing on one thing and not overwhelming yourself with all the information you cannot grasp or put into practice.

With music, it works best to start with simple chords, the simplest possible, and then work your way up from there, which varies, depending on the instrument. On some instruments, playing a note by itself is difficult.

Tutorials are aplenty so search for the one which suits you the best, but also be mindful of the teacher and the perceived level of student who is supposed to watch the tutorial. Advanced students cannot benefit that much from a complete beginner tutorial and vice versa.

Ebooks – Knowledge from Books

While some people consider courses and multimedia material to be a better way of learning something, books still hold their value and they are one of the go-to resources for learning. Art can be learned from books, yet if it requires practice, then practice one must.

Depending on the topic, but in reality, there should be ebooks on all sorts of aspects of art, making the choice that much easier (and more difficult, due to the possibility of choice paralysis).


Art can be learned online, just like anything else. Have in mind, however, that some art, like performance art, has to be practiced, but to be frank, all of art has to be practiced if someone wants to be an artist/creator.

The internet is full of information, from courses and tutorials to ebooks. The only thing that one needs to master is filtering all of that information and choosing the best for themselves.