Art Battle – A Worldwide Painting Competition

What do words Art and Battle have in common? Art is an individual craft that combines talent and hard work in producing exceptional pieces. Battle means going through adversity and tough situations to rise from them and be the best.

So when we do get to combine these two words we get one of the more interesting competitions on the world – Art Battle!

Nobody acutely sees art as sports. Although it does have certain characteristics. Individuals do hone their skills and talents as best they can so they can produce magnificent results. So how is that different from an athlete? Not a lot if you ask me.

So we are here to talk about not a novel competition but certainly one of the sternest ones in the world.

What is Art Battle?

Art Battle is a fast-pace painting competition held mainly in towns in the USA and Canada. Participants from all over the world are welcomed to join in. There are regional tournaments as well as World or Championship competitions that are regarded as the highest ones.

The format of the tournament is essentially the same wherever it is held. There are two groups of six painters (so 12 in total) in the first stage. They have 20 minutes to paint a picture after which they withdraw and let the fans evaluate each painting. After assessing them they score them and the four best painters go to the final stage of the tournament.

In the final stage the game rules are the same but you only have four painters competing. The best one wins the competition while all the paintings created are auctioned.

You Still Need a Tactic to be the Best

What connects this way of competing against one another is the fact that you still need to prepare your tactic before the tournament. Standing there and trying to come up with something by yourself is not going to be useful. Painters need to know what the are going to paint beforehand.

Some of them view it as a form of a tactic. You need to determine the art form you are going to use and the style. Also, have at least and the idea of what you are going to paint. You only have 20 minutes to finish a picture and for some, it is not enough.


Art Battle tournaments are not your typical day at a gallery. Actually, they are followed by music and entertainment. DJs play songs while drinks are served and fans cheer. Almost like you are at a football match but with a more sophisticated display on the competition.